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Woman Are Forgoing BIG Engagement Rocks.

Don’t Put A Ring On It Here: 

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It’s Woman Crush Wednesday!

Time to get your coffee bean on!

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Join me & Olivier Day tomorrow for a LIVE video podcast as we discuss relocating your business!

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eBay brings its RedLaser barcode-scanner app to Google Glass.
See “Through Glass” here:

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The pinky toe has 3 functions… 

The pinky toe has 3 functions… 

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Join me & Olivier Day this Thursday at 5:30 pm PT in a LIVE podcast as we discuss what it takes to relocate your business.

We’ll be chatting about how to make the process easier, simpler and with fewer problems.


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The Power of NO. 12 Things to Say “NO” To Today.

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A real world example of the BS wedding photographers have to deal with at weddings today.

Hence why I have clauses in my contract that states I’m NOT responsible for photos missed.  Especially when I have to fight for the shot like I’m at a paparazzi event in Hollywood.

If you’re a wedding guest that does this crap - I promise you with all certainty - your iPhone photo will NOT be better than what I capture with my DSLR.

There’s a reason why couples & families hire professional photographers.  So you, the guest, can enjoy the wedding while we, the professionals, do what we do best and capture those perfect moments that CAN’T be recreated the day after the wedding.

Unless of course you enjoy working for food.

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It’s a #SelfieSunday at #PizzaPort with a “Chronic” beer in San Clemente!

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It’s a #SelfieSunday with me and #MeTimmys Turtle at #PizzaPort in San Clemente!